XChat TTS Script

current Version: 0.1

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  XChat TTS Script v0.1                    - help -
  /tts info             Display some generel informations                 
  /tts [on|off]         Turns TTS on/off (default is on)                  
  /tts addchan          listen to the current channel                     
  /tts delchan          stop listening to the current channel             
  /tts listchans        shows all channeles on the listening to list      
  /tts notify [<nick>]  lists TTS notify list, add/del <nick>             
  /tts ignore [<nick>]  lists TTS ignore list, add/del <nick>             
  /tts watch [<nick>]   notifies you when <nick> join/parts a chan        
  /tts say <text>       says the text                                     


You need XChat, Mbrola, TXT2PHO
A german instuction how to install these can be found on linuxwiki.de


Download the script.
Go to your ~/.xchat2 folder and extract the archive, you will have then an subfolder called scripts with the tts.pl script and a subfolder called tts where the script store its data in it.
You can load it in XChat then with /load ~/.xchat2/scripts/tts.pl
If you want to have the script loaded automaticly with Xchat cd to your ~.xchat2 folder and make a symlink to the script:
ln -s scripts/tts.pl

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